How to Contact & FAQs

By Appointment only, please call 2781 1082 for a booking
Please feel free to ask to speak to Dr Wong directly for enquiries.

Address :   9th Floor, Ultragrace Commercial Building,

                     5 Jordan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

Telephone:(852) 2781 1082


How does a psychiatrist in Hong Kong ensures a patient's privacy is kept ?

Patient’s privacy and confidentiality is a prime concern in Dr Wong’s clinic.

In our clinic, all the case records (including personal data) are kept completely confidential. Without the client's consent, nobody outside the clinic could have access to such records.

Even if the client's family or employer ask for information, Dr Wong's clinic will deny their request unless the client has clearly consented to it. In fact, when someone without the client's consent makes an enquiry, we routinely refuse to admit or deny whether the client has attended our clinic.

Also, we do not use the Hospital Authority's electronic case records system. Thus, there is no interconnection between our case records and the public hospitals.

In a sentence, if the client does not reveal it, nobody will know s/he has ever been to our clinic.

What happens when I see a psychiatrist in Hong Kong ?

For those who have the experience of seeing a psychiatrist outside Hong Kong, they might be concerned whether the local practice is different to what they are used to.

At Dr Wong's clinic, we attempt to deliver service that is not dissimilar in nature to that you receive overseas, especially in the UK and Australia.

The first consultation typically last within 1 hour.

After greeting you, the doctor would ask about your concerns and would patiently listen to you. The focus would be more on eliciting any possible symptoms you might have and the extent these are affecting you. Then, the doctor would let you talk a bit about your background and the stress you are facing.

The remaining time would be spent on discussing any possible diagnosis and the treatment required. Medications will not be prescribed until the client fully understands the reasons for taking them, how they will work and any common side effects. The client is encouraged to ask questions and s/he does not leave the clinic until all queries are addressed.